Vintage Clothing

Best Vintage Clothing Stores To Shop Vintage Gems Online

Mixing vintage clothing with contemporary fashion brands is the key to being trendy.

Also, by nature, vintage clothing is more sustainable than high street alternatives.

By buying vintage clothes, you’re going against the throw-away side of fast fashion since you are giving old clothes a new lease of life.

But vintage shopping isn’t that easy.

It is difficult to find suitable vintage clothing, and you can spend hours in a second-hand or thrift store and walk out with nothing.

But online vintage clothing could be the answer – especially if you’re stuck in a national lockdown!

That is why we’ve gathered the best online vintage clothing stores for you.

Whether you’re after designer handbags to invest in, like a vintage Chanel 2.55 bag or the perfect little black dress or retro t-shirt, here are the best vintage clothing stores to shop online.

  1. Re:collection store
  2. Selfridges Resellfridges
  3. Re-SEE
  4. Etsy Vintage Frills Shop
  5. Mother Vintage
  6. COS Resell
  7. Retold Vintage
  8. Atijo store
  9. One Scoop Vintage
  10. ASOS Marketplace